Appreciating Feminine Beauty

By admin/ October 20, 2019 / 774

It is no longer news that women are beyond boobs and nice butts. They are the smartest and the greatest of earth’s treasures. The female species is synonymous with oxygen. Without them, the world will be in total chaos.

As a man, a gentleman…there are certain things expected of you. The woman is a very emotional being and she takes her time to make the best of all situations, whether good or bad. While the beauty of a woman may not be lost on you, as a man, you can do more than just noticing her body.

Most women will roll their eyes at the knowledge that men appreciate certain body parts more than others. The onus is on men to realize that there is more to a woman than just her body.

So, appreciating a beautiful woman isn’t enough anymore, you need to learn to appreciate her whole being. Her very existence should be seen as a privilege.

“…it’s more than just the body of a woman.”

While it might take considerable effort to get this done…and in the right way, it can be done if you put your mind to it.

The major problem with the appreciation of the whole of a woman is the way our cultures have been structured. It is structured in a way that makes it easy to glory a woman’s external beauty while neglecting other equally important parts.

More often than not, women are judged by a very one-sided standard of beauty. Female role models are also not helping the cause of most women because they are utilizing society’s fixation on an unfair definition of a beautiful woman and are smiling to the bank.

Women are judged based on their skin, size, and choice of clothes. This not the way to go about appreciating the beauty of a woman.

There are a few simple things that women appreciate that men will do well to notice.

Holding Hands

This action is timeless, powerful and subtly romantic. While it may seem inconsequential, the memories of your hands touching always leave with a feeling of safety and reassurance.

Unscheduled Calls and Texts

A proclamation of love that unexpectedly finds its way to her phone via email or text is a powerful tool to make her smile.

Asking About Her Day

Try asking about her day. It makes a woman feel assured and cared for. Doing it when she doesn’t volunteer the information makes your gesture all the more effective. Your woman is human. Doing the needful puts you in her good book.

Shower Her with Compliments

Women love to hear things about themselves especially from the men they love. As a man, you might be predisposed to saying it without verbalizing it, go the extra mile to make her feel beautiful.

The compliments can be about anything. Be sincere and always smile.

Recognize When She is Right

The phrase “happy wife, happy life” best describes this tip. recognize when she is right on an issue when acknowledge her efforts whenever she is wrong. It gives her a sense of belonging and freedom of expression. She is assured, by this simple act, that you will always have her back.

There is a lot of upsides to appreciate the whole of a woman. She is more receptive and you are twice more likely to have sex with her, if you want to, by being attentive, sincere and honest about her beauty. 

“What will you appreciate most about her during your last years?”

As a man, you should never be narrow-minded. The thoughts shouldn’t only be centered on the present. When you are old and grey, would you care about the shape and size of your companion or the very bigger things she brings to the table? What will you appreciate most about her during your last years?

A few years from now when you are old and grey, the simple tips shared above will be what you will be most remembered for. The signs of beauty are still very much alive and the memories of a lifetime of ups and downs will be the major focus.

So, as a man, you should be able to deliver a great response to the question of why you love your wife?

To avoid the risk of ending up alone, a premium should be placed on everything about your partner.

Make sure you look for the real deal because while charm is quite deceptive and beauty is believed to be fleeting, a woman who is confident and cares about making herself and her partner better will be with you in your time of need. She will be your greatest arsenal and your most trusted advisor.

A lady who spends time and energy in developing real assets is a goldmine. Make sure to appreciate her every time and any way you can. The thoughts and the actions forever count.

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