Understanding The Female Domination

I never deemed this topic worthy of note until I came across a very interesting opinion on this issue in a sex-related Quora forum. She had this to say about sexually dominant females and their peculiar taste in men. “I want someone who is my equal. Someone as intelligent, confident, assertive, nerdy, sporty, geeky and kinky as me. Someone who excels at whatever he does, who is outstanding in his own field (I don’t care if that field is air guitar, I want the passion and dedication) and who knows how good he is.”

“I want someone that other people look up to…and who submits to me.”

She continued by saying, “I want someone that other people look up to…and who submits to me.” This obviously is a major turn-on for women of her kind and it is a pathway to the ultimate sexual experience for both the male and the female.

Dominant females, to the uninitiated, may seem like they are fond of using dominant sex positions as an avenue for women to let off steam. It neither portrays her insecurities nor does it represent a sense of aggression towards a patriarchal world. It is, however, an opportunity for males to experience the Shangri La of sex.

At its root, the desire to be in control is about experiencing the highest form of self-control and willingness to let someone else into her world of selflessness. The man in this particular scenario wants her and her alone. She appeals to every one of his fantasies and he can’t help but ravage her every being.

There is nothing wrong with being held down, or forced into a particular sex position. Being dominated by a female is different from a nonconsensual situation because it is the purest form of sexual liberation.

You also should feel no shame in being turned on masochistic sex acts. Be curious enough to try new things. Little things like your willingness to submit, be at her beck and call as well as try everything she wants will do you a lot of good sex-wise.

“Knowing how to turn on your dominant partner is a key part of a lasting relationship…”

Females, dominant or not, are appreciative of feedbacks. You could be fixated on her pecky nipples or it could be the sweet-pain that she inflicts that drives you wild, telling her she drives you crazy will drive your sexual and emotional growth.

Knowing how to turn on your dominant partner is a key part of a lasting relationship. While her words are important, you need to pay closer attention to subtle cues like her body language.

Knowing and being able to positively exploit the sexual appetite of your dominant partner is another cog that must be understood. If she is the type that likes attention, a few words of acknowledgment and random texts about what you want to be done to you will drive her to the edge and might even tempt her enough to abandon work for you.

As a man, being submissive doesn’t take away your power. And as a woman, there is nothing wrong with being dominant. The fusion of a submissive alpha male and the dominance of an equally alpha female will birth a sexual experience that most of us can only fantasize about. Such a union is the perfect place to witness selflessness, curiosity, harmony and most importantly, sexual liberation.