World’s first Vagina Museum opens in London

London is set to see the opening of the very first Vagina Museum in the world on Saturday 23th of November in Camden Market. Braking down stigmas around vaginas is one of the Museum’s foundations and it has never been more important as 65% of 16-25 year young women say they have a problem using the words vagina of vulva and 26,7% of 25-29 year olds are too embarrassed to attend cervical screening. The Vagina museum hopes to empower people with Vagina’s.

All Vagina’s look different, not one is the same. ” This is a part of the body that should be celebrated,” says Director Florence Schechter, “The museum is a fantastic way to spread the message that there is nothing shameful or offensive about vaginas and vulvas. We have a vision of a world where no one is ashamed of their bodies, everyone has bodily autonomy and all of humanity works together to build a society that is free and equal. “

“We discovered that there is a penis museum in Reykjavík. But there was no vagina equivalent anywhere in the world.
So there’s only one way to rectify this: Make one.
The project was launched in 2017 and started with pop ups around the the UK. Now London is set to see the opening of the very first Vagina Museum
after a crowdfunding campaign raised almost 50 000 EUR from supporters across the globe.”

The Vagina Museum will produce an outreach programme that will support healthy and inclusive sex and relationships education, engaging with doctors and other medical prefiessionals to provide better services. “Camden is an ideal location for this concept. It has a proud and radical history of challenging prejudice. We are therefor incredibly excited that the Vagina Museum is seeking to establish in Camden,” remarks leader of Camden Council, Councillor Georgia Gould.

We’ve been getting vaginas wrong forever. I believe that museums are important places for encouraging social change, so what better way to redress the balance of sexist histories that a Vagina Museum

Subhadra Das, Curator UCL Pathology Collections

Opening hours

Mon – Sat: 10am – 6pmSun: 11am – 6pm

Closed Christmas Day

Unit 17&18Stables MarketChalk Farm RoadLondon, NW1 8AH

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