The Life After

By admin/ October 27, 2019 / 1048

The scene was amazing. The night sky, still, enamored, held memories of lone times. Waves hitting against the shore spoke volumes of thoughts expressed in sighs and glorious contentment.

 I just wish time would stop, wind back and stop again while I’m stuck in the memory of a perfect time. A time that is my favorite place in the world.

 As I was settling into my usual routine, the air suddenly felt strange. Someone else was here. I turned and held the gaze of Scott.

He blended perfectly into the night and wouldn’t have been noticed if not for the smile that gave him away.

“What are you doing here?” I asked.

“I wanted to see you.” He responded. “Guessed you would be here.”

The sight of him made my heart raced. I didn’t want to believe it. He is here, really here.

This night got immediately exciting. He moved closer as I ran towards him and threw myself at him.  

“…an eternity of loss.”

It wasn’t until I was in his arms that I noticed he was bare-chested. My hands settled on his right chest and I gave in to the temptation of running my hands all over them.

He slightly pressed my ass just the way I like. He walked towards the sea and the wind gave us an encouraging nod. He settled me at the exact spot the sea meets the sands and the wetness immediately ran all over me like a bolt of lightning.

This was the man I thought I had lost forever. When I was told he is alive, I choose not to believe for the fear of losing whatever remnant of hope I have left. We have been apart for what seems like an eternity.

He slowly removed my clothes. I was barely wearing a thing. For reasons I don’t even remember, I had lost my panties between throwing myself at him and lying at the bank of the sea.

He removed his silk trouser and out came an impressive dick. He stood attentive and was fixated on my gaze. We quickly said our hellos and right there and then, I knew this was going to be a sex of a lifetime.

The kiss was hot and inviting. It tasted salty and sweet. His hand settled on my boob and my perky nipples immediately responded. They were happy to be invited to the party.

His kisses moved to my neck, ears and settled on the space between my boobs. Without so much as a warning, my legs spread themselves open and invited him in. The sensation of that first thrust almost made me faint.  

He began slowly and was enjoying being a tease. By the seventh thrust, my inner thighs were cooperative enough to allow him in without so much as a protest. He held my hands behind my head as he went in hard. I was immediately in a sea of painful pleasure. I wanted it to never stop.

Heaven can never be this pleasurable. Everything was aligned. Our bodies merged in a pattern reminiscent of Da Vinci’s genius. He raised my legs and rested them on his shoulders. This gesture opened up my pussy and he was able to simultaneously hit my G-spot.

With the aid of his teeth, he dived into my boobs and settled on my erect nipples. He nibbled at their soreness as he sucked my pains away. All the while, he was ferocious with his thrust. At this point, I was in three different heavens; the good, the pie and the toppings.

I was in between realities as he kept at my boobs and my vagina. My thighs were as wet as Niagara and my boobs as erect as a Spanish military parade. In between lightning and thunders, I came as a worm washed in a sea of salt. My legs, my hands and the rest of my body were in an involuntary state of spasms.

I settled into a state of semi-reality. I remembered it all as I drifted in and out of consciousness. Scott is back and this was going to become the new norm. Sex had never been so interesting.

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