A Taste of Heaven

By admin/ September 1, 2019 /

“Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls taste like heaven.”

There was nothing memorable about that night except for the fact that you were unusually quiet. I had no idea you had heaven in store for me because we’ve only ever talked about it fleetingly. To most, the idea of beauty like yourself going out of her way to satisfy someone like me is a stuff of legends. 

In truth, I was horny as usual. Your sight alone gets my juices boiling. I have been attracted to people before but none has ever made me feel the way you do…every time. Seeing you almost always set free the animal in me. Catching a whiff of your scent almost made me jump you, which disrupts my resolves to be gentle around you.

Your aquiline face with the not-so-subtle cheeks that lights up whenever you pout are few of the things that I remember on this particular night. We walked from your hostel towards the Union Building with no indication whatsoever of what would eventually happen that night. Watching you chew on a slice of barbequed meat so teasingly got me worked up even before we ended up at our usual spot that night.

It started as a joke. In the low light coming from the Union’s basement, we kissed…a slow, lengthy tongue-feast. Then came a tease on my neck. You ran your hands all over my face before resting it on my earlobe. My hands were tirelessly working on your body just as yours were on mine. Your hands rested in between my thighs, and I knew immediately with the predatory look in your eyes that I was in trouble. You obviously must have felt my wetness because you stopped the kiss, looked me long in the eyes and whispered ‘- hmmm -.’

Giving a head is folklore especially when it is expected of you. We’ve talked about it like we’ve talked about a lot of things but we must have grouped my getting head from you under the ‘never-going-to-happen-category.’ A lot of things including us ending up together someday falls in that category.

I must have been lost in transit because I failed to notice that we had stopped kissing until you asked in so soft a tone I almost missed it. The words “do you want me to give you a head” were the most shocking a mortal like myself expected to hear from you. It is only meant for superstars in movies. To have it happen to me is a veritable taste of heaven.

I always have yearned for such experience but never in my wildest dreams did I expect you to fulfil them. For the first time that night I shivered. You were sure of what was about to happen and I was lost in reality. 

I felt nimble as a feather. You were beautiful in the low light. I was so shy. You were considerate in your tender smile. You sent a wave of electric currents up my spine when you gently wrapped nibbled at my clitoris. With your other hand, you twisted my nipple while I held my breath praying to God to help make it through the night. 

“A Veritable Taste of Heaven…”

You could sense my discomfort which invariably led to your heightened naughtiness. You smiled and went deep inside of me with your tongue while I shivered in fear, and in heightened excitement. I felt like blotting out the word ‘please.’ I must have lost them somewhere in my ‘head’ because I only let out a forced breath. I was fighting hard to not give you the satisfaction of taming a wild animal. The night was still young and I felt I could stage a comeback. I was determined to withstand whatever you throw at me…looking back now, that is the worst conscious decision I ever made. I should have given up and acknowledged that you were a maestro at work and that the inward and outward stroke your tongue made resulted in the tiny fragments of your entire masterpiece that night.

The movement of your mouth inside my wet pussy while your hands simultaneously work wonders took me to the edge of the world and back. I almost cried out in excitement.  I think it was that same night you discovered my other weakness. 

While in transit towards heaven, you let your hands wander around my body and they discovered two adjacent islands on the upper part of my body with two erect nipples in public display. 

Sensing my soon-to-cum state of mind, you continued the simultaneous miracle-working abilities of your tongue and mouth. My erectly-shy nipples were not left out of the painful pleasure your tongues did conjure. At that point, I was a blind woman who could C. 

A few minutes later, I had my eyes bulging out of their sockets in ways that made me look like a confused bird and I was all over the place writhing on the floor in simultaneous orgasms. 

I took a shameful look at you while you had on a wicked smile. A smile that said it all. Ours was the story of a lioness who just ravished very willing prey. 

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