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It wasn’t until I heard him speak that I knew for sure tonight was going to be unlike the others. Everything about him is different. My guard must have been on overdrive because the first, second and third impressions he had created for the past few weeks while we talked on the phone were being erased one by one at the mere sight of him.

It took me a while to agree to meet him because the nature of my work doesn’t really allow for personal time and the few times it does come along, I am mostly curled up in bed with a bottled of white wine in hand, a book in the other, and a leveled breathing pattern few minutes into the book. So, there literally hasn’t been time to meet Jacob.

While most people would have insisted they be addressed as Jake, I respected the fact that he introduced himself as Jacob and he sounded really embarrassed by it. For someone who likes my man with a healthy dose of emotion, he scored a vital point that night.

A Typical Night Turned Great...

It was a typical night for me. I was heading to the kitchen to pour myself a glass of wine when I heard my phone rang. I quickly said a silent prayer hoping it is not work related because if it were, I would have slept in my office that night and I never wake up without being grumpy.

I set the bottle of wine on the table and I stared at my phone for a brief second wondering who it could be that has decided to cut short my ritual. I picked up my phone along with the earpiece attached. I was not going to let this call disrupt my ritual


“Hello Sally.” a deep voice said.

“Hello.” I answered in return.

“Apologies for reaching you so late but I only called so late because Halle informed that this is the only time I can reach you.” He explained.

“Oh…kay.” I mumbled. “Who am I speaking with, please?” I asked and he apologized for not introducing himself.

The fact that he acted so gentlemanly created invisible holes in my defenses. It wasn’t until I hung up the phone that I realized I have been on the phone with a total stranger for about an hour and I enjoyed every bit of our conversation.

The lengthy phone conversations with Jacob became a new but welcomed ritual, and I didn’t mind that it disrupted how my nights used to be. He would call as soon as I got home and we would talk for what seemed like forever. One hour became two and two became three and on and on we went until it became apparent that hearing each other’s voice was the highlight of our day.

Seeing him in person changed everything for me. With the array of avenues available for us to have seen each other, I chose to keep my distance because I was enjoying the mystery and I feared putting a face to the name was going to end it up.

On my way to The Article, a really nice restaurant that was a few blocks from my apartment, I had a brief moment of ominosity. I feared meeting with him will serve as a reality check and that I wouldn’t end up liking what I’m about to see. Fate, apparently, had something else in store for me because what I experienced that night was a pole apart from my biggest fears.

I walked into the restaurant a little after 9pm and having informed me of the description of where our table will be located, I looked to my right and I saw seated at the farthest corner a man that could easily pass for a giant.

He looked up as I walked in and we locked eyes at the same time. That event generated a smile from him and for the first time that night, I was impressed.

He stood up immediately and walked towards me. We shared a brief and very awkward hug before ushering me to my seat. He pulled the chair back and waited for me to walk within an inch of the table before he seated the chair quietly behind me.

After waiting till I was seated, he walked back to his seat and subconsciously directed a nervous chuckle towards me. While a significant part of my brain was busy noting all of this, the other was in a critical analysis mood. Jacob looked nothing like the guy on the phone. He sounded soft-spoken and laid back and never in my wildest dreams would have guessed him right.

He quietly introduced himself as Jacob Hanson and he followed it with an apology for the way he contacted me. He suspected someone like me wouldn’t have appreciated having her contact information shared without her knowledge. I smiled at him as I acknowledged his sincere apologies with a nod.

“I don’t want to scare you away…”

He asked about me and how my day was and I could tell he was a genuine listener because not once did he interrupt nor made any attempt to. He gave genuine smiles and for one brief moment, let his now obvious guard down because when I told him of the number of ways I have imagined punishing Halle for giving out my number, he couldn’t help but laugh so heartily. It was a laugh that ushered in the remainder of a beautiful night.

I was stunned to later find out that night the real reason behind his soft-spoken nature. After complimenting him on his laugh, he nervously apologized and was about to explain the reason why he shouldn’t have laughed that way when I stopped him. I reached across the table and placed my right hand on his. The contact alone sent shock waves all over my body. It caught me by surprise and I almost let it show.

“There is nothing wrong with the way you laugh.” I said. “It is the most genuine feedback I have gotten all day.”

After acknowledging my compliment, he went ahead to explain the reason behind his soft-spoken nature. “I am naturally loud as a person.” He said. “I cannot successfully whisper to myself if my life depended on it.”

“I get awkward stares from people whenever I laugh or I talk in public and it has made me conscious of the fact that I am seen as a nuisance and a loud-mouth.” He continued. “And it is the reason behind why I now talk the way I do.”

“I didn’t want to scare you away before I got a chance to know you.”

As he said this, he reached across the table and took my other hand in his. He looked straight into my eyes and I could swear he was drinking in the presence of the person seated across from him. For a brief moment, I lost the conscious effort to comprehend that that person was me. I was both intrigued and envious. Envious of the fact that he could look at me in a way that I have never seen myself and intrigued that I could still such an enormous storm.

He briefly looked away in a manner that suggested he was contemplating his next choice of words. It took us both by surprise when he blurted out the words, “I would kiss you right now if not for the fact that it might be a bit too early for you on a first date.” At this point, the Poseidon in me took charge and in a sneer that is rife with sweet evil, I asked if we could leave the restaurant and walk to my place.

It only took him a second to come to terms with this fact because he quickly stood up, came around to join me and helped me up. We were met on the way by a waiter that was coming that was coming over to take our order. He looked at us in surprise and was left in confusing when Jacob overpaid for what he later explained as ‘our time’ instead of a meal.

We almost walked the short distance to my block in awkward silence until he mentioned that he had no idea I lived close by. That served as an ice-breaker because it spurred us into talking about everything but what awaits us in my apartment.

He held the door to the lobby of my apartment block while I walked in and we said hello to a surprised Sergio who was on duty at the security desk. He had everything from surprises and astonishment to suspicion as he remembered he only walked past him not quite long ago.

Walking across the lobby towards the elevator took less than 30 seconds. Once inside the elevator, I pressed the button leading to my apartment and I turned to witness Jacob looking at me in a manner that screamed DESIRE in uppercase. I felt like I was in the only person in the world he could see right here, right now.

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