A Place Flowing with Milk and Honey

By admin/ August 10, 2019 /

Elizabeth has been around for as long as I can remember. Through all my good and not-so-good times, she had somehow managed to be there for me.
Our relationship started out weird but has successfully morphed into an ‘I-literally-can’t-do-without-you’ reality. Liz started out as one of the girls in my class. She was someone I would normally not relate with because even at the age of 7, I was already a snub and would rather be by myself than play with my mates.
We didn’t become close until after a tragedy that changed everything forever. I lost my mom to a car crash and a loss of such magnitude at a tender age had me building up walls all around me.

I didn’t change my stance until Liz successfully broke my wall of defenses and became everything to me. For reasons that continually eluded me until we shared our first kiss, she had always known. I did everything possible to deny and delay but her patience and continual support eventually won me over.

In exactly a week from today, I will be exchanging vows with the love of my life. Liz’s patience and understanding is what prompted what is about to happen. We’ve been official for more than 5 years, and the most we’ve ever done sex-wise is exchange kisses and find comfort in each other’s presence.
Tonight, as a surprise, I am ready to go all the way. To prepare for tonight, I have armed myself with the skills and experiences of the best in the game; adult movie stars. YouPorn, Digital Playground and the likes have had to endure unscheduled visits from me at least 5 times a day for the past two weeks.
In theory, I know what to do but I have never before allowed myself to be explored by another human. Liz has always talked about it but she never pushed because she was afraid I’d recline into my shell. Without her knowing, she has been stuck at the entrance of the promise land for as long we both could remember but tonight, she is going to taste my milk and honey.

“…you look really stunning.”

A few minutes before 8pm, Elizabeth walked into a dark room lit only by a four scented-candles placed at the extremes of the living room. Her well-rounded face was dimly lit and you could see the surprise on her face. She had never known me to be remotely close to being romantic. So, to come home to me in a dark lacy lingerie was an instant turn-on for her.
“Hey babe. Wow!” She called. “You look really stunning but what’s going on?”
“Are we celebrating something?” She continued. “Oh, is it your birthday yet?”
“I don’t really know how to explain this.” I answered. “I only know that you have been an integral part of my life and I want to show you how grateful I am.”
I could tell she was about to argue that going all out to show my gratitude wasn’t necessary because that is what she does. Liz will give you the world and demand the gesture is not reciprocated.
I walked towards her before she could convince me otherwise. I held out my hand as I drew close and was within an inch of her. She took my hands uand I led her towards the bedroom.
She almost tripped on the bunch of roses I had scattered around the room. The event brought out the infectious laughter that made me fall for her. I stopped at the foot of the bed and looked into her eyes, Liz honestly had no idea that I was willing to give myself to her tonight. She has seen me in my underwear before but never have I taken charge of a situation like I am doing right now.

As if cue, Cautious Clay’s Cold War started playing and the melody of his song did the trick. Liz let out the animal and the dominatrix in one fell swoop. She pushed me towards the bed and before I could gathered my thoughts she was already on top of me.
For reasons only best known to her, she slowly leaned in for our first kiss of the night. Tonight was designed to be different and in every way, it was. She was staring into my eyes until our lips touched.
She ran her hands through my her as we shared a passionate kiss. It was unlike any other kiss we have shared. This time, hunger, urgency and years of anticipation took over and I could feel my nipples erect and pushing against my bra.

She must have been reading my mind because she cupped my left boob at the exact time my nipples stood erect and she slid her hands under my bra to get a hold of my left nipple. She tugged at them and eventually decided to pull. I squirmed as I felt a very painful pleasure. I didn’t realize I had softly whispered, “do it again” until the words left my mouth.
Satisfaction was written all over her Liz’s face as she smiled at being able to get her way with me. She had waited forever for this moment. She dived straight at my right boobs and ran her tongue round my nipple. The simultaneous sensation derived from my nipples being pulled and nibbled at drove me crazy and I instinctively wrapped my legs around the fully clothed Liz.

“She wanted me wide open and vulnerable…”

Liz must have taken my gesture as a sign of hunger for more because she wriggled free of my hold and flipped me on my back as she expertly undid my bra. Next came my sticky panties. She licked her lips at the sight of my unusual wetness. She ran her hands from the sole of my feet through to my thighs. She must have planned to punish me because it sent a bolt of electric current throughout my body.
Liz undressed in what must have been a record time in the history of sex and she went to work in between my thighs. I was dripping like a waterfall. She started slowly but effectively. She gave my clit a lingering kiss. This prompted my attempt to wrap my legs around her neck but she was way ahead of me because she shielded herself and pushed back. She wanted me wide open and very vulnerable.
I was holding on tight to the sheets as Liz ate furiously at my pussy. She had her index finger inside of me while her tongue was lapping at my juices. She could sense me urging her on because she moved her finger in a U-shaped manner without so much as a warning and I responded with an involuntary writh. She was rubbing at a place directly opposite my clit and I could tell that it wouldn’t be long before I won’t be able to take this torturous pleasure any longer.

Sensing my intended implosion, Liz increased the pace at which she rubbed against and lapped at me.
“Oh, God!” I screamed. “Oh! Don’t stop. I’m about to come.”
She reached for my boobs as I lay holding unto the sheets for dear life. The eventual implosion came in waves. First, I couldn’t feel my legs. I just knew I needed to push whatever was coming out through my pussy into Liz’s face. Then came another and another. I lay there writhing like a snake that has been hit. My legs were shaking and I could not stop it.
“How do I make it stop?” I asked.
“Let it come to you.” I heard Liz said as I opened my eyes. “You’re experiencing simultaneous orgasms and since it’s a first for you, it will take some time.”
My eyes finally settled on Liz after darting about for a few seconds. She stood at the foot of the bed with a look that could only mean that what just happened was the beginning of a three course meal and we are just less than an hour into dinner.

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